Sika Iraq

Newly formed in 2012, Sika Iraq registered and located in the city of Erbil, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq has made positive first steps in its goal to become market leader. The country and people of Iraq has seen a Sika presence since the eighties, and readily recognize the Sika Brand as a hallmark of quality and reliability. In fact many construction and waterproofing chemicals are just call “Sika” and this provides an excellent foundation on which to build a business and generate growth as the country recovers from the ravages of war, political complexity and difficult security conditions. 

Iraq in 2013, though still blighted by political and security issues, starts to rebuild its infrastructure and construct new housing, schools, hospitals and utility requirements by expanding its large oil and associated gas output. The Five Year Plan 2010 - 2014 supports economic growth of 9.4% per cent per annum and includes for more than 2,700 projects with a value of USD 186 billion. Some USD 10.7 billion are planned to support the reconstruction effort. Infrastructure needs are enormous. High speed railways will be constructed. International Companies are needed, thus Iraq has established an Investment Commission delegated to support the start-up of International Companies in Iraq, they can help pave the way for Sika to gain maximum benefits and a return on our investment.

Sika Iraq has been granted an Investment licence at the end of 2012 which will support its development through land allocation, importation and manufacturing permission and additional corporate benefits.

Historically, Sika has been well represented by distributors, who have paved the way for a strong and positive future. Today, Sika has a 100% owned company, primarily set up to manufacture liquids and later mortars, while providing marketing, technical and product support to the large and varied projects, On February 14th this year, the team of Sika Iraq were very proud to announce the production of the first batch of Sikament 163M on Valentines Day! 

Sika Trading Company L.L.C

Teemar Industrial Area , Erbil, Iraq 

Tel: +964 7730374451