It is the most critical area of a building or structure which protects the users and interior from these hazards, and must be well-selected, well-designed and well-installed to be long-lasting without fail. Sika’s roofing systems are not only durable to wind, rain, snow, hail and other environmental conditions, but they also come with decades of Sika expertise and support.

Each year, more than
100 million
square meters of Sika roofing membranes are installed worldwide.
*Source: EU commission & European Association for ETICS (EAE)
Born over
50 years
ago, Sika's roof systems such as Sarnafil®, Sikaplan®, Sikalastic® and SikaBit® are the most reliable and sustainable solutions of choice today.
Sika's technical professionals in over
countries around the world support customers daily to select the ideal roofing system to meet demands for longtime performance.

Sika's Roofing Systems Have Many Advantages

Roofs with Longevity

Sika’s “winning formula” has been proven to last for decades on facilities as diverse as high rises, museums, retail stores, sports arenas and schools. We have numerous roofs that are currently over 25 years old – and still performing – proving our ability to pass the test of time.

Leading Material Technology

Sika is the worldwide leader in single ply membrane (Sika Sarnafil and Sikaplan PVC, Sika Sarnafil FPO) and liquid applied membrane (SikaRoof MTC, Sikalastic and Sikafill) manufacturing with more than 50 years of membrane production history and expertise.

Its membrane materials have been installed on buildings in varying climates all over the world. A history of proven performance over more than a half a century is the basis for our reputation for the highest quality membranes that stand the test of time.

Sustainability and Responsible Care for The Environment

Sika aims to address environmental and safety concerns throughout the value chain. On the specific roofing system portfolio, Sika is evaluating the whole Life Cycle Assessment of the system according to various international standards.

Sika provides energy smart roof that not only reduces environmental impact and minimizes waste, but delivers higher ROI (Return On Investment). Our roof keeps maintenance and utility costs low, by delivering proven performance for decades to come.

Training and On-Site Support

From investigation, design and installation to final inspection, Sika‘s milestone management process ensures your completed roofing or waterproofing job is done right: proven materials, expert assistance and skillful workmanship with a select group of trained, authorized applicators.

The technical competence is brought to the specialist applicators during the technical training to enhance the skills of the contractor to better use Sika’s technologies.

High Wind Performance

Our experience with high wind roofing systems in such diverse locations as the Swiss Alps to the Florida coast provide you with the peace-of-mind that comes from working with an experienced partner. Sika provides also professional wind lift analysis.

Fire Performance

The inherent fire resistance of the Sarnafil membrane is evidenced by successful achievement and full compliance with roofing's most significant fire safety requirements. Sarnafil membranes enjoy certification under the strict fire code standards of more than 20 countries throughout the world.

SikaRoof MTC liquid applied membrane is cold applied and presents no fire risk during application. Once installed the system achieves fire ratings.

Innovating Application Tools and accessories

The competence of Sika is extended to the development of innovating application tools and convenient accessories to assist the specialized contractor achieving the best efficiency and outcome of the products.

Roof Design and Colours

Sika offers a solutions to meet needs of the most vivid imaginations:

  • Roofs with different colours
  • Company logos and graphics on the roof
  • Metal roof imitation - Standing seams and other profiles

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