Sika provides one of the most comprehensive set of solutions dedicated to tile setting, facade protection and decoration as well as interior wall finishing.

Sika is the global market leader in Building Finishing mortars and provides the most comprehensive set of solutions within the industry. We will continue to develop solutions addressing the ever-growing demand for quality, comfort, aesthetics and environmentally friendly solutions in housing buildings.

Our solutions will always aim to be synonymous of quality and ease of application for users. Building Finishing consist of three main segments:

1. Tile Setting Materials

Sika offers a comprehensive set of installation solutions for ceramic, porcelain tiles, and natural stones. These product systems combine tile adhesives and grouts as well as floor preparation compounds, under-tile waterproofing and acoustic insulation both for new buildings as well as repair and refurbishment projects. Sika is focusing on providing contractors and home owners with easy-to-apply, robust solutions with comfort, durability, and aesthetic features.

2. Facade Solutions

Sika provides a wide range of solutions and technologies for facade protection and decoration, thermal and sound insulation as well as facade refurbishment. Sika’s product portfolio includes architectural finish coatings and stuccos, facade External Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), insulation mortars based on bio-sourced aggregates, and systems for heritage building restoration. The offering comprises mineral renders and organic coatings with a wide selection of thickness, texture, aspect, and colors.

3. Interior Wall Finishing

Sika offers a wide selection of wall preparation and finishing solutions for all types of interior walls (masonry, concrete, drywall) in housing and commercial buildings. Sika’s product range focuses on interior mortars, plasters, crack fillers, and joint fillers. The interior wall systems perfectly complement the exterior wall solutions.