Sikagard®-550 ElastoColor ES

Protective paint with fissure bridging capability

Sikagard®-550 ElastoColor ES is a protective elastoplastic paint, UV-resistant, acrylic dispersion, single-component with excellent crack bridging properties even at temperatures below 0°C provided that Sikagard®-545 WE Elastofill has been previously applied.

  • Bridges cracks even at temperatures below 0°C.
  • High resistance to CO2 diffusion.
  • Permeable to water vapour, allows the substrate to breathe.
  • High resistance to weathering and ageing.
  • Environmentally friendly (solvent-free).
  • Bridges cracks up to 0.3 mm.
  • Waterproofs even rain that moves the wind (prevents the entry of moisture).