SikaFill®-300 Thermic

Thermal insulation and waterproofing for roofs and terraces that contribute to the reduction of temperature and condensation.

Flexible liquid membrane with microspheres that favor thermal insulation contributing to the reduction of temperature and condensation, with the ability to bridge cracks up to 0.7mm. External certification Paslink Cell Test.

  • Reduction of temperature and condensation because it is a product based on a new technology with polymeric microspheres.
  • Material with low thermal conductivity and high reflectivity of solar radiation .
  • The ability to bridge cracks up to 0.7 mm .
  • Excellent impermeability to rainwater or condensation.
  • Resistant to weathering and UV rays.
  • Easy cold application.
  • Excellent coverage applied in the recommended amounts.
  • Low intensity so it generates lower product consumption compared to other waterproofing systems (acrylics, asphalts and polyurethanes)
  • Easy maintenance.