Sika® Injection-203

Elastic PUR-Injection resin for permanent watertight sealing

Sika® Injection-203 is a low viscous, elastic and solvent-free polyurethane injection resin, which cures in both dry and wet conditions to form an elastic, watertight filling and sealing material.

  • Permanently elastic, can absorb limited movement
  • No shrinkage in subsequent dry conditions
  • Due to its low viscosity it can penetrate into narrow cracks starting from 0.2 mm in width
  • Cured Sika® Injection-203 is inert and chemically-resistant
  • Solvent-free, usable in ground water zones
  • At cold temperature (less than 10 °C) Sika® Injection-203 can be accelerated using Sika® Injection-AC20
  • Can be injected as a one component system