Sika® Injection Packers

Injection Packers

Sika® Injection Packers are filling valves or ports and connection pieces between the injection equipment and the structure. One way valves (i.e. Zerk or button head fittings), are located on the top of the injection packer and connect to the injection equipment. Mechanical Packers (Sika® Injection Packer MPS/MPR/MPC): Mechanical packers are cylinder-shaped injection packers which are normally installed by screwing them into drill holes made for this purpose. When tightening the packers, a fabric-reinforced rubber sleeve is forced against the drill-hole sides so that the packers can withstand even the highest injection pressures in the drill hole. Additionally, the injection packers rubber sleeve fills any minor gaps between the drill-hole sides and the packer, so that no material can leak from the drill holes, even if these are not perfectly round. Sika® Injection Packer, Type MPS, are easy-to-handle, cost-effective drill-hole packers for standard injection procedures. Sika® Injection Packer, Type MPR, are suitable for a wide range of  applications, because they can also be equipped with Zerk button head fittings for even higher pressures and flow rates (e.g. for curtain injection). Sika® Injection Packer, Type MPC, are specially designed for injection with microfine cement binders. They are equipped with a special head fitting that can be re-used. Surface packers (Sika® Injection Packer SP) Surface Packers are filling values or injection ports, which are installed directly on the crack, i.e. on the surface of the structure. The injection packer base has a supporting plate to ensure optimum adhesion. Sika® Injection Packer SP is designed for injection where the drilling of holes is not possible or not allowed. Sika® Injection Packer SP is generally used for the injection of Sika® epoxy injection resins, which are themselves most commonly used for crack injection where additional structural strength and structural bonding is required.

  • A full range of Sika® Injection Packers are available (Mechanical and Surface Packers)
  • Designed to accommodate and withstand the relevant pressures and flow rates without leaking or ‘jumping-off’