Saint Doulchard, France

The "Terrasses de Bellevue" is a new retirement and nursing home located in the municipality of Saint Doulchard, near Bourges in France. It is designed as a village with the 83 residential units positioned in groups and served by two internal streets to encourage movement and connect with additional communal facilities such as shops, a library, theatre and support services.

Project Requirements

As part of their overall environmentally friendly design the architects wanted an extensive green roofing system, meaning one with small plants such as sedums, to help water management in conjunction with a retention pond, plus to help integrate the building within its local and regional environment. Additionally the architect wanted to have features on the shops in the interior corridors to give the impression of a traditional village high street.

Sika Solutions

The ideal solution to meet all of the design requirements was to install a Sarnavert green roofing system including roof waterproofing with Sarnafil® T, polyolefin based synthetic sheet membranes to provide the green roof. The total area of Sarnavert green roof was over 6.000 m² and right from the first flowering season (as can be seen in the photographs), this system enabled the building to blend in with the surrounding landscape, whilst also ensuring building was watertight, with all of the waste water safely diverted to the holding ponds. The Sarnavert system also easily meets or exceeds all of the relevant French Technical Approvals for this type of building.

In addition, more than 2.000 m² of Sikaplan® 12G membrane in slate grey were installed, including some with decorative profiles for a traditional zinc roof look where required, including inside on the shops to give the corridor the local high street appearance that the architect wanted to achieve.

Products Used

Sarnavert system
Sarnafil® T
Sikaplan® 12G

Project Participants

Les Résidences de Bellevue – BOURGES

François PACCARD

Specialist Membranes
Sika France S.A.S